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Our Gear in Action
  • k56A0290_simon_epic_port_single
    wlp_frames__0005_Layer 5
    wlp_frames__0002_Layer 8
    pw 128_titlightmeter_x
  • wlp_frames__0009_Layer 1
    pw 167_pillowfight
    pw 163_videovillage_x
    pw 230_RedOne_x
What People Are Saying
  • WLP recently supplied the camera package for a challenging project I shot. The gear was immaculate, and the service was above and beyond. Their support allowed me to deliver a stunning piece for the client. Bernard Gourley, Director

  • Movie in a Box took a lot of the stress away that usually comes with gearing up to make a movie, and allowed me to focus on being creative.Dylan Stern, director of Goodbye, Simon


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